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Hey and welcome to my LYFE! I'm your integrative nutrition & holistic health coach and a certified personal trainer. For years I was stuck in the dieting and binging cycle. I counted calories and macros, exercised excessively, saw my obsessive behaviours as "healthy living", and still never got the results I wanted.  Or when I did, they only lasted until my next binging rage.

I am now free from the restricting diet mentality, feeling my happiest and healthiest. Having experienced the highs of super toned abs and the lows of guilt after massive munchies, I know what it feels like to be stuck in the cycle and not being able to break free.

I now help women live their best lives by restoring their health and helping them find the happy, healthy medium - one where they look gorgeous and feel more powerful than ever before.

It’s all about finding and sustaining that healthy medium, one meal, one workout, one positive thought at a time.

I love all things real, healthy and active. It can be trying out new healthy meals at local cafes, testing new recipes at home, or moving around – yoga, hiking, going on long walks and moving my body in any other way that feels good. Besides being a bit of a health freak, I also love traveling and getting to know new faces and places, reading and meditating. I have always been known as the health junkie among my friends and family, but my healthy obsessions were not always so healthy.

Before I found my healthy medium, I was not in a happy place. My relationship with food was horrible – I was stressing out every time just thinking of what I’m going to eat next. Every calorie and every gram was planned and recorded. Having a personal trainer who advised that I eat the exact same boring steamed food every day and exercised for two hours five times a week didn’t make things better. My diet consisted of 50g of buckwheat with egg whites for breakfast, two protein shakes with water were my snacks, and 100g of plain fish with cucumber for lunch and dinner. He convinced me that adding a spoon of honey to my buckwheat porridge or eating fruit would make me fat, because of the sugars. I don't blame him though. He was the best at training bikini fitness champions, so he applied his knowledge and techniques to me too, despite the fact that I never wanted gym to become my professional sport and way of living.

Social gatherings were more stressful than enjoyable as I was dreading not being able to stick to my ridiculous regime. Not having total control of my food choices while traveling freaked me out. I always packed my protein shakes and buckwheat, which I used to boil in a kettle in my hotel room. Yup, it doesn’t get more ridiculous. I actually cannot believe I followed this diet for months and let myself believe that changing one slightest thing about it would change my body in a negative way. It’s highly amusing remembering it today, but it definitely wasn’t fun at the time.

As I learned more through research and my immense interest in nutrition, I got more relaxed about my crazy dictatorship. However, I was still stuck in an endless cycle of dieting and binging, not knowing how to get out of it. It was like my mind was totally invaded. I was on a different diet every month, then “treated” myself with a week of junk and over-exercised to make up for the calorie surplus. Every time I fell for binging, I promised myself it was the last time, but I couldn’t even keep a promise to myself. I felt completely powerless against my own mind.

My lifestyle wasn’t sustainable at all. I was rewarding myself with cheat meals but felt guilty about the reward. I deprived myself from the things I really wanted. Besides this restricting life having a terrible effect on my mentality, it also affected my relationships with the ones closest to me. I was feeling empty, angry, moody, not happy with myself and only saw the negatives in everything. No matter how bad things were, I felt like I had no power to change anything. It felt like I had no purpose, I was useless, sad, pathetic… I was always anxious or worried about something.

Everything kept going downhill until I hit rock bottom. I knew nothing about spirituality and the power of the mind, but all the books I was reading emphasised its importance in dealing anxiety. I was curious to try it out, so I started meditating, practicing gratitude, learning to think that everything happens for me and not to me. I didn’t understand what changed, but I started feeling lighter, happier, the negative mind invasions happened less and less. I began using yoga and meditation as my medicine as soon as I felt low. I realised that I cannot project love out of myself if there is no love within me, so I learned (and still in process) how to love myself truly. Not that all these practices are magic, but in my experience, the magic happens within you when you start shifting everything from bad to good. It’s all about what’s going on in our heads and our perception of situations that occur. That's why with my clients I work on the practical pieces of health and weight loss, as well as the mental obstacles that are really keeping us stuck in bodies and lives we don't love.

It took me all of my teenage years, endless trial and error, and lots of learning to find my healthy medium. The truth is that it really doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t have to try every diet, workout plan, detox tea and fat-burning pills only to find yourself in the same, mentally draining and physically exhausting, position. I know that if I had a coach/mentor/anyone who could help me through the journey, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to get out it neither would it have been so hard. Now, that I have learned to love my body and nourish my mind, I get coaching and mentoring in other areas of my life, as I truly believe that it’s the way to go further, faster.

Having experienced it all myself, I am now that coach/mentor/cheerleader for all things healthy in terms of body fuel and soul food. I’ve learned the secrets to achieving and sustaining health and happiness, and I am here to share them with you.

Love and glow,

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About Lyfe

LYFE is all about  that happy, healthy medium, where you look amazing and feel like you can conquer the world - and don’t have to pick between the two !

Are you that girl who has tried out every single workout routine, diet, cleanse or whatever else is on trend, but your results only last as long as the program you bought? Are you confused by all the information that’s out there? Do you wonder why it works for your friend but not for you? Been there, done all of the above. I went through a loooong roller-coaster from one extreme to another, but you don’t have to. My job is to guide you in making small and sustainable changes to improve your health both on and off your plate. Here is the deal: you have to be 100% committed and genuinely want and be ready to change, and I will give you the tools to navigate through your life and health without you having to go through crazy diets, punishing workout routines or drastic lifestyle changes.

There is a lot of unwrapping to do to clearly understand the cause of every problem and to be able to treat it, instead of trying to cover up the symptoms. Besides things that come from your plate – “secondary food”, together we address factors that are considered as “primary food” - relationships, physical activity, career, fulfillment... Basically, when your primary foods are balanced, you don’t think of secondary food as a rescuer nor as an enemy. We work on achieving that healthy medium.

You don’t necessarily need to have food allergies, gut problems, bad skin, or carry unwanted kilos. Saying that the amount of information available today is confusing is an under-statement. You constantly hear that what you thought is good for you, is actually something you should avoid. You might be a new vegetarian or vegan, or quitting gluten or dairy. Dietary transitions can get frustrating, leaving you anxious, not knowing how to stay healthy and energised.

I’m here to help untangle your confusions by figuring out what’s best for you and teach you how to make the right choice on a bio-individual level. Let’s make your body and mind best friends and you’ll never have to choose between looking OR feeling great. I don't mean to sound cheesy, but you CAN have it all!




Do you regularly judge the way you look and wish you could look like your friend or the girl on Instagram? Are you tired of always feeling tired and depleted from all the diets? Sick of hating yourself after every cheat meal? Done feeling like you’re not enough? I get it. I was stuck in the negative patterns for way too long, envying the girls on Instagram and feeling uncomfortable in my body until I changed my mindset.

The thing is that when you get rid of the mental burden that you carry all the time, the one that is making you judge and dislike yourself constantly, your life gets so much better. You feel liberated from your own captivity. Once you realise that to have a healthy body, you need a healthy mind, you look AND feel your best, because your body achieves what your mind believes.

Most diets don’t solve the problem, because one - it’s so much more than just food that is bothering us girls, and two - you are not focusing on one exact problem. You’re attempting to tackle something general, and unfortunately that’s like buying lottery tickets - you buy so many but in most cases, you don’t get anything back at all.

The Healthy Medium Mindset focuses on just that - one problem. In this two-hour intensive program, we pinpoint the exact stage that you’re in in the Greatness and Guilt Cycle, and come up with solutions to overcome it based on YOU, YOUR issues and YOUR lifestyle. You'll walk away with an entirely new outlook and most importantly, free of the mental burden that dieting has created in your life. As they say, "you can't hate yourself thin", but you CAN "love yourself to beautiful". Let me help you do that!


Do you feel like you definitely want the change to be achievable, and most importantly, for it to last, but you just don’t know what to do? When I was in your position, I was so demotivated by having to go on a new diet/exercise plan again and again. I just wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do and how to do it. Also, after so many times of giving up, I wanted someone to check in on me regularly and tweak and twist the process to suit my ever-changing schedule, as I didn’t really trust myself anymore to stick to anything and hold myself accountable. Does this situation sound familiar?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the right solution when I was looking for it and I am almost certain that it was one of the major factors why it took me so long to break free from The Cycle.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to take you as long and it definitely doesn’t have to be as hard and exhausting! It literally can only take you 28 days to reclaim your lyfe if you follow a personalised, targeted plan, with exact to do’s and exact don’t do’s, WITHOUT feeling like you’re in some imaginary prison!

On top of that, you will always have me cheering you along and holding you massively accountable throughout your journey. During the 28 days, you form new habits, which form part of your new lifestyle and eventually become unconscious and obvious acts. You reclaim the way of eating and living that always meets at the healthy medium and feels good to you, while getting the results you desire.

The end result is a massive mindset shift about how you see yourself, while the physical changes become so effortless that you don’t even feel like you have to try anymore! Looking and feeling your best isn’t an instagram world - it’s Your reality if you do it right!


This is everything you need to change the way you look and feel for good. The Lyfe Reboot includes everything you need to build a new lyfe in six months time!

Besides getting more time one-on-one, more personalisation, more attention and advice between sessions, you get the body, mindset and lyfe you’ve always wanted - but this time it will last.

This is because six months is a long enough time to not only get you into new habits, which sustain that change that you have been building, but also, enough time for your body to physically change itself - it is enough time for your skin cells to renew completely to give you that glow, for your gut to develop a new lining of good bacteria, for your body to become more toned, and most importantly - for your mind to be a whole new different space.

You won’t need to wait for the six months to go by until you start feeling like a completely different person and living your lyfe on a whole new level. The framework and processes used in The Lyfe Reboot is what I still use for myself to support my own ongoing wellness and happiness journey. This is the kind of full package that I lacked when I was in my worst state of being stuck in The Cycle, so I developed it based on what I personally think and know works best to achieve that state of looking and feeling your best.

You'll get everything included in the previous two programs, plus the accountability and personalisation you need to grow into new habits, new lyfe, healthy mind and a bangin’ body!




Lara B, United Kingdom (London), 28

Due to the nature of my job, I work long hours and sometimes even overnight and on weekends. Because of the lack of sleep and regular stress, my skin started to worsen gradually. I tried out several creams, masks and vitamins, but once I stopped using them, my acne came back. A friend recommended that I get in touch with Gabi and honestly, it was the best advice my friend could have given me. Without making any major changes, Gabi altered my meals by substituting products with healthier options. I wasn’t on any bland and boring diet, yet my skin improved dramatically. I was always looking forward to our next session together with Gabi, as they were the most fun part of our journey together. If you need someone to hold you accountable and take you further than your expectations, LYFE programs is your solution!

Tonita H, United Kingdom (London), 24

I am so grateful to have met Gabi. In just a few sessions she has given me so much clarity and guidance on achieving my goals. She tailors each session to my needs and gives me tools to overcome anything that is holding me back. Looking forward to the rest of our journey together.

Jennifer B, Ireland (Dublin), 24

In addition to the nutrition advice I got from Gabi, during my LYFE program I learned how to show up for myself and take time to do things that make me happy. I am much more balanced now in all areas of my life. Gabi is a cheerleader and motivator that makes you believe in yourself more than you ever did. I recommend her to anyone who needs a boost of energy, good vibes, and motivation.

Katie R, United Kingdom (London), 30

I have tried countless different diets but I was never satisfied. I felt depleted and miserable two-three days into a diet and wanted to quit just to stay sane. If I did manage to get some results, they were minor and didn’t last very long. In most cases, dieting caused cravings for things I don’t even like, which meant I was caught up in binging that could last up to a few days. This wasn’t the case with Gabi. We addressed mindset before we talked about food and I got to know myself from a new angle. As my relationship with diets changed and I no longer saw food as something negative, results were apparent very soon after I started a meal plan designed by Gabi. With her positivity and energy Gabi was able to lift me up from the lowest lows. LYFE should be on the top of your to-do list if you can relate to the above.

Ana B, Spain (Madrid), 24

I began working with Gabi because of my anaemia. It struck me unexpectedly, as I was eating plenty of meat and fish, and so thought I was getting enough iron. The doctor who analysed multiple blood tests did not really give me any clear advice, besides some general guidelines. My blood tests weren’t improving for a while so I decided to seek for a more holistic approach. Due to the diet that Gabi prescribed to me, my iron levels were back to normal and I began feeling much more energetic. What I liked about the diet was that I’m not into cooking, so she gave me plenty of open options to choose from, which didn’t even feel like being on a regulated eating regime. Also, Gabi is very friendly and fun to work with.

Penelope H, United Kingdom (London), 25

I met Gabi through a friend a few years ago. Since I follow a vegan diet and work long hours, I was interested in what Gabi had to say about my habits, without initially intending to work with her. However, I realised that every time we met, I found out something I didn’t yet know regarding my diet. I was far from getting all the nutrients to survive my working regime and hence, I decided to work with her in order to be continuously guided in the right direction. Short after, I noticed a significant increase in energy and a much better mood overall. I wasn’t feeling lethargic anymore and could last through my long working days without feeling completely exhausted. I’m very thankful to Gabi for her help and guidance, and I recommend her to anyone who is on constant energy lows.

Maria S, Spain (Madrid), 24

My obsession with sweets and anything sugary was getting out of hand. As I never carried additional weight, I didn’t think I was harming my body until I began to feel the effect that sugar had on my overall health.  I was suffering from frequent migraines and, as I later found out, I had developed yeast overgrowth in my gut. With Gabi’s guidance all my worries went away and I am feeling better than as long as I can remember. While Gabi is very knowledgeable in her field and is serious about meeting your goals, her sessions are a lot of fun.

Julia K, Spain (Ibiza), 27

Because of frequent traveling, I found it hard to stay consistent with my usually healthy routine. I exercise in hotel rooms or gyms, however, I used to often find myself snacking on junk. Although it’s becoming much easier to find healthy food options, it is usually overpriced. It also takes time to look for healthy places in new cities and having to plan everything around eating on a work trip is unproductive, and rather more stressful than it already is. Regular snacking on junk became the norm for when I was traveling and because it was regular, it interfered with health. I started feeling completely exhausted on a daily basis and often felt sick from migraines. I didn’t think that what I thought was a small component of my overall healthy lifestyle could have such unpleasant effects. Gabi spotted the problem right away and developed a realistic and easily attainable action plan. My energy levels went back to normal within a week and my migraines were gone after only two weeks. Thank you Gabi!

Agne K, Lithuania (Vilnius), 24

For many years I’ve experienced frequent stomach aches. Recently I found out I had Candida overgrowth, which caused leaky gut. This is where Gabi stepped in. She has helped me to go through this by finding what is best for me, developing a Candida cleanse diet, and regularly discussing the results. I’m so glad I decided to approach LYFE By Gabi with my problem, as together we’ve reached great results and healing. Thank you so much for such an effective and helpful guide to my healthy routine.

Laura T, United Kingdom (London), 22

I recently transitioned to a plant-based diet, which lead me to face some challenges as my weight started to drop below healthy. With Gabi’s advice regarding eating and exercise, I was able to very quickly get back on track and gain muscle rather than fat. I’m very happy with my results and very grateful to Gabi for her help! I highly recommend her services.

Shoba K, United Kingdom (London), 30

Gabi’s advice goes way beyond nutrition. She was great meeting me where I was, while at the same time she was encouraging me to go beyond what I thought were my limits. Gabi knows how to guide you without you feeling overwhelmed. Besides achieving the best body I’ve ever had, my mentality regarding self-confidence has significantly changed for the better. I highly recommend LYFE programs to those who are stuck in their beliefs.

Viktoria H, Germany (Cologne), 25

As I found myself more and more caught up at work, I began to constantly feel tired. I was annoyed that I no longer had the time to cook and stay as healthy as I’m usually used to, in terms of my food choices and exercise routine. I knew what I had to do to be back on track, but something else always came up and I never picked up on my gym classes, nor the home cooking. I felt less motivated as time passed by. Thanks to Gabi, I was able to overcome myself by getting back into healthy lifestyle and achieving amazing results I never expected to achieve!

Emily J, Spain (Barcelona), 23

My stomach pains appeared out of nowhere and were coming back almost every day. I was worried as I had no idea what could cause it so often. I thought maybe it was my very irregular eating habits, but as I started to work with Gabi, I learned that I was lactose-intolerant. First, I went on a detoxifying meal plan in order to get rid of everything that could irritate my stomach and second, I learned that eating healthy is not just eating boiled broccoli, which was contrary to my beliefs. I am thankful to Gabi as I now know so much more about nutrition and I’m able to make more educated choices every day.

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LYFE is 100% virtual. All sessions take place on Face Time, Zoom or Skype.


This is for you if: you want to live a happier, healthier, better quality life without physical ailments and psychological barriers. Still not 100% clear? Book a Health Goals call here.


It is for those who are interested in starting one of the LYFE programs. The aim of the call is to clarify your health goals, so that from session one we can dive right deep. Although during the call we might figure out that we’re not a good fit for each other, it is not a free health coaching session for fun if you do not intend to start a program.


As a private client, you’ll be provided with a link to my calendar where you can book your sessions. Sessions are held during the first three weeks of each month.


I’m not a doctor, dietician or a medical professional of any sorts. I cannot prescribe medication or deal with terminal disease. In case of a chronic illness, I work with medical doctors, who treat the disease while my job is based on prevention. Having said that, it is frequent that health coaches work alongside with medical doctors, as nutrition has a huge impact of your overall health and doctors usually only concentrate on their area of expertise. In addition, a health coach might be particularly needed if you’re suffering from a chronic disease in order to get that extra cheerleading and bust through your mental blocks that arise due to physical ailments.


I genuinely believe in my ability to create lasting transformations in my clients and assist them in creating a high quality life by restoring their health. I will empower and equip you with every tool needed to smash your health goals, but you need to show up and do the work. I can’t guarantee specific results or improved health.



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